baby care

Baby argan oil
Baby argan oil moisturizes, revitalizes, softens the skin and protects it from drying out.Holds cracks and cracks caused by winter colds.It is ideal for sharing moments of tenderness and relaxation with baby from birth, while taking care of his skin.
Healing (apply in case of insect bite), anti-inflammatory, apply on cutanane scars (measles, chickenpox ...)
Baby Coconut Oil
Rich in vitamin A and softening, baby coconut oil is a skin regenerator and a softener and newborn for baby hair.
Baby Cream
The Fragrance-Free Soothing Cream is ideal for soothe baby's skin and to protect the baby's buttocks and body irritations from birth.It creates a protective barrier between the baby's buttocks and the diaper to protect them from the aggressions of moisture and the friction of diapers in relation to the body.
A hazelnut of the cream to apply to the baby's skin
Packaging type:
Plastic jar with safety cover